Promotion high-quality economic development during the Forteenth Five-Year Plan period with “dual circulation” strategy and new development policy

Yitong Niu, Linqian Jiao


The " Forteenth Five-Year Plan" (hereinafter: Forteenth Plan) is an important historical period to realize the great revival of the Chinese, and it is also a very important period of China's economic development. China has encountered many problems during the “dual circulation” strategy and new development policy implementations, and the times are changing with the development of economy and politics. Accoring to the current development situation, China is in an important chaning period of “internal and external” market. At this stage, China should stimulate the market to carry out “dual circulation” strategy and make the market development more comprehensive. At present, quality development is being injected with new ideas and development needs. Accoring to the abroad situation, China will face many obstacles and difficulties, and new international contests will also appear, and the development of international markets will continue to become white-hot, which will also bring difficulties to China's economic development. Therefore, it is very necessary to take the road of “dual circulation” strategy. 


“dual circulation” strategy; new development policy; Economic development; "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan"

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ff.v10i1.1622


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