The Analysis of Qualitative Risk Management Techniques for Investment in China’s New Energy Automobile Industry.

  • Yi Wan Xiamen University
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Keywords: New Energy Vehicles, Qualitative Risk Management Technology, Investment Companies, Risk Assessment System


In recent years, under the national policy support, the new energy automobile industry develops rapidly. This article chooses China's new energy automobile industry as the research object, aiming to study the public's views on new energy automobiles, the challenges faced by China's new energy automobile development, and the considerations of CIC when it makes venture investment in the new energy automobile industry. This article collects people's views on new energy vehicles through interviews and questionnaires, and uses qualitative analysis, descriptive analysis and texture analysis to explore the domestic and foreign challenges faced by the development of new energy vehicles. And this article analyzes the investment risk of new energy automobile industry from five aspects: finance, policy, technology, market and management. Finally, this paper analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of new energy vehicles, and puts forward some suggestions for its development.



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