On Financial Complexity and Market Modeling Method

Xichen Zhang


The financial market is often the core content of the economic environment for a country. Whether it can take appropriate measures to maintain the stability of operation process of financial market and carry out effective risk management has always been one of the key research tasks costing a lot of energy of the central government and its financial departments. Taking China as an example, the financial market itself is characterized by strong complexity, and all factors are closely related. Moreover, as the whole system is too large, it is difficult to sort out the inducement and occurrence of a certain result. While the information means such as big data is gradually entering people’s field of vision, national development and social progress are both related to the financial market. Facing financial complexity, China needs to face up to its existence more actively and implement corresponding solutions. In this article, the complexity of financial market will be analyzed systematically, and the common methods of market modeling will be expounded, aiming to provide some theoretical reference for the employees in related industries.


Financial Market; Analysis of Complexity; Conception of Modeling Method

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v9i4.1545


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