Analysis of the Current Situation of Supply Chain Finance and Risk Control—Based on the Perspective of Commercial Banks

Danting Zheng


China’s economic policy system has been greatly adjusted up till the present moment. The scale of small and medium-sized enterprises mortgage lending is limited, but the demand for funds is increasing, and the need for core enterprises to grow and develop is increasing, supply chain finance effectively solved the needs of the above enterprises. Supply chain finance promotes the development of trade and commerce business, reduces financing risk, become a new business of commercial banks. Compared to traditional banking business, it reduces certain credit risk and improves the utility of funds, but China’s supply chain financial system is not perfect enough, with a certain degree of system operation risk. Focus on the analysis of supply chain finance status quo, analyze China’s supply chain development status and prospects, assess and analyze the risk, and do a good job of risk prevention and control. As an important part of the supply chain, commercial banks are necessary to pay attention to various risk points to the supply chain of the financing subject. Avoiding and reducing the risk of supply chain finance business are the top priority issues required to be solved for commercial banks.


Supply Chain Financing; Commercial Banks; Risk Control

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v9i4.1533


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