Analysis of the Mask Price Change from the Perspective of Economics

Changyuan Lu, Hexiang Zhu, Yuan Yao, Xueyu Nian, Xiyuan Fan


Since the outbreak of the new type of outbreak, the demand for masks has increased in a straight line and there is a situation of oversupply, mask prices once hit a record high, many businesses began to switch to masks. But since late May, the new crown outbreak has been largely under control and mask prices have fallen. Now analyze the trend and internal laws of mask prices during the epidemic from an economic perspective.


Mask Price; Outbreak Economy; Model Analysis

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Wang Y. Mask economics phenomenon analysis (in Chinese). Modern Trade and Industry 2020; 41(25): 12–15.

Peng W. The Economics of face masks: A humanistic perspective. International Economic Review 2020; (2): 71–80 +6.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/ff.v9i4.1531


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