Shanghai International Financial Center based on grey relational methodRelationship with Shanghai International Shipping Center

Yuse Sun


In order to better play the linkage between Shanghai International Financial Center and Shanghai International Shipping Center, from the quantitative point of view, through the construction of Evaluation Index system, the relationship between Shanghai International Financial Center and Shanghai International Shipping Center is gray off analysis. The results show that there is a strong correlation between the international financial Center and the International Shipping center, and the influence of the financial industry on the shipping industry is greater than that of the shipping industry. On this basis, put forward the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions: the development of Shanghai shipping industry; to Improve the modern shipping service industry chain; To further develop the financial industry in Shanghai, to introduce corresponding supporting policies; to foster and introduce a compound High-quality shipping financial talent.


Shanghai; International Financial Center; International Shipping Center; Grey relational analysis; index system; cor-relation degree

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