Incomplete Intestinal Obstruction in Children Treated with Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine A Case Report

Keping Yan, Yang Yang


Background: Pedo-intestinal obstruction[1] refers to the obstruction of intestinal contents caused by lesions in and out of the intestinal canal. The main clinical manifestations are abdominal pain, vomiting, constipation, defecation and exhaust difficulties. Pedo-intestinal obstruction is a common disease in abdominal surgery. Objective: To discuss a 4 years old child who was diagnosed as Pedo-intestinal obstruction after complete examination due to repeated fever, sore throat and abdominal pain about 2 days. Abdominal pain disappeared and obstruction was eliminated after treatment with integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine. Conclusions: After 1 month follow-up, the patient's condition was stable without recurrence. The treatment advantages of the case lie in: first, because the indication of incomplete intestinal obstruction operation is not strong, we can choose Western medicine to improve the symptoms of obstruction, and then use TCM for nursing, always focusing on the concept of "giving consideration to both specimens", Second, it is a relatively safe and effective treatment. Third, it is also the biggest feature of the disease that the characteristic treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine when incomplete intestinal obstruction and respiratory tract infection coexist. Therefore, effective combination therapy may be a worthwhile option to try.


Pedo-Intestinal Obstruction; Chinese Medicine; Western Medicine

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rcsm.v4.i2.3156


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