Clinical Retrospective Study of Pterygomaxillary Implant Combined with Anterior Implant in the Repair of Atrophic Edentulous Maxilla

Yuxin Mao, Licheng Liu, Wenqin Zheng, Xiaochen Liang, Mengzhu Xu


Objective: To retrospectively analyze the therapeutic effect of pterygomaxillary implant combined with anterior implant in the repair of atrophic maxillary edentulous jaw. Methods: The clinical data of 26 patients with atrophic edentulous maxilla who received pterygomaxillary implants combined with anterior implants from January 2019 to December 2020 were analyzed retrospectively. All patients were followed up for ≥ 1 year. The retention of anterior implants (105) and pterygomaxillary implants (45) were compared Patients' satisfaction with deep and middle periodontal examination (MBPD) and plaque (PLI). Results: The anterior implant retention rate was 97.14%, which was close to 93.33% in pterygomaxillary area (P > 0.05);The levels of PD, PLI, mesial MBL and distal MBL of anterior implants were similar to those of pterygomaxillary implants (P > 0.05); Patients' satisfaction with treatment was 92.31%. Conclusion: In the treatment of patients with posterior atrophic edentulous maxilla, the pterygomaxillary implant and the anterior implant supported complete arch fixed denture can bear the weight immediately, the short-term clinical effect is acceptable, and the patient satisfaction is high. It is a predictable and feasible repair method.


Atrophic Maxillary Edentulous Jaw; Pterygomaxillary Implant; Anterior Implant

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rcsm.v4.i2.2918


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