Blood Oxygen Saturation Analysis Model Based on Multiple Normalized Regression

Chengyu Mu


Several factors that may have an impact on the saturation of the oxygen saturation, respectively, are age, BMI, gender, and current smoking conditions. For the blood oxygen saturation of 36 patients collected, the data preprocessing, the abnormal data were removed, and the blood oxygen saturation was the dependent variable, with the bmiage, age, gender, the current smoking condition is the independent variable, and the stata is normalized. In the case of significant sexual testing of variables, the discovery of the current smoking condition was significant for the oxygen saturation of the blood oxygen, while the bmi and gender in the t test were not different from zero, indicating that the blood oxygen saturation was affected by the BMI, and the influence of gender could be ignored, and the effect of age and current smoking condition on the oxygen saturation was mainly considered.


Oxygen Saturation; Normalized Regression

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rcsm.v4.i2.2908


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