The Effects of Levodopa on Albinism

Yi Hao, Huina Ma, Siyuan Wang, Hairu Yan, Wei Zhou


Albinism, a refractory disease with reduced pigmentation. And it has caused great distress to the patient's body and mind. How to treat the disease is a troubling problem in history. Levodopa, a medicine is used when needed to treat the return of Parkinson’s symptoms. However, since the last century, some doctors have proposed using levodopa to treat albinism. The results of the experiment were not very significant. We research the effects of levodopa on albinism from mechanism of action, clinical trial, molecular mechanism and clinical studies. We find that levodopa has only a weak or no effect on fetuses with albinism.


Levodopa, Albinism, GRP143, Pigmentation

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