Research status of relationship between schistosomiasis and colorectal cancer

Xingguang Yang, Jiwu Yang, Xiangnong Cun, Pengju Zhao, Wei Cheng, Haibin Shi, Yi Li


In clinical practice, intestinal mucosal inflammation caused by schistosomiasis has great risks to lead to tumor proliferation and migration of cancer cells. Without timely and effective intervention, chronic schistosomiasis infection induced will further deteriorate into colorectal cancer. On the whole, schistosomiasis once caused serious infection to China. Patients suffering from colorectal cancer who have been infected with schistosomiasis can be diagnosed as schistosomiasis-related colorectal cancer if their preoperative intestinal tract has infection manifestations and postoperative pathology indicates that eggs are deposited near the focus. This paper explores the relationship between schistosomiasis and colorectal cancer by combining relevant data and literature at home and abroad.


Chronic schistosomiasis; colorectal cancer; literature review

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/gs.v3i1.833


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