Study of Patient Safety Culture Based on IPGA Matrix Analysis

Mei Ge, Zhongping Deng, Binshi Qi


Objective: in order to prevent medical risks and ensure patient safety, building the hospital patient safety culture has become an important issue that hospitals concern. Method: this paper adopts hospital patient safety questionnaire (SAQ) developed by Dr. Sexton, including 30 questions in six dimensions, and adds two measurement dimensions of “work and life coordination” and “resilience” in combination with hospital situations in Macao. The questionnaire totally has 46 questions in eight dimensions. The hospital safety culture is assessed based on IPGA matrix analysis model. Conclusion: it helps the hospital adopt interventional measures in time, concern medical care personnel and improve patient safety culture.


IPGA Model; Medical Service; Patient Safety Culture

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/pmr.v10i2.2615


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