molecular targeting drugs for treatment of lung cancer patientsPrevention of adverse skin reactions and their care

Yang Maijie


SelectEarSt2014year42015year4month period medicalHouseadmissionof lung cancerexample,tohavesufferfrom all accept molecular sacrificial drugsobjectsgoverningtherapy,by different caremethod divides patients into study Group and controlGroup,30-if•;where control group patients givetoroutine careapply,Research group Patientson theTand on the basis of newZealand treatment to totargeted care interventionsshi,Compare two groups of patients after treatment caused by skin notgoodrate of occurrence,•knotFruit:Study Group patientsElevelskin Adverse reactionssendLive rate to13.33%significantly belowtoIndra,Kingandto30.00%;ElevelasentenceThe incidence of inflammationto3.%Beansbelowcontrol group26.67% (p< 0.05)powerknottheory:SubsubearlyAdverse skin reactions to patients with lung cancer treated with drugs,should take targeted prevention and care measuresapply,Reduce skin undesirablereaction to occurstroke,relieve patient pain,improve compliance with treatmentsex,branchgood match againstmonthmediumpainruleTherapy,improve the quality of volunteersQuantityF


SubsubtargettoidrugthingsCureTherapy;Lung canceriskinskin:bad antishould;Care Measures

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(Receipt dateI:2015-05-28Repair Date:2015-06-20)

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Notecompared to control group ('P<0.05)<·


In recent years, molecular targeting drugs for the treatment of lung cancer patients as

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/pmr.v4i1.149


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