Capacity Optimization and Configuration for Household Wind/PV/Storage Hybrid Power Generation System

Min Wang


 For capacity matching and design calculation on off-grid Hybrid Renewable Energy System, commercial software like Homer developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is commonly used at present. This paper takes the load demand of household users as the research object, and uses the three cities with different potentials of wind and solar resources as the of the Wind/PV/Storage hybrid power generation systems simulation installation site. The Homer optimizes the system capacity configuration, and the goal is to find the minimum investment cost while meeting the users electricity demand. The results show that the potential of the wind and solar resources will affect the levelized cost of energy of the installed system. The levelized cost of energy will be smaller in the place where the wind and solar resources are abundant. At the same time, the unit cost of the wind turbine is higher than that of the Photovoltaic system, so the cost of wind turbines effect is more obvious for the levelized cost of energy of the overall system. Finally, the paper also analyzes the sensitivity of the technical parameters of wind turbines and loss of power supply probability.


Energy and Power Engineering; Hybrid Renewable Energy System; Capacity Optimization and Configuration; Levelized Cost of Energy; Loss of Power Supply Probability

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/pef.v9i1.848


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