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Sincerely hope that the conference will be held successfully.

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News: Progress in Energy & Fuels will be attending the Applied Research International Conferences (ARICON) of London Institute of Skills Development (LISD).




London Institute of Skills Development (LISD) is an approved center of Award and Training in Higher Education (ATHE, U.K), London Institute is entitled to offer British Degree and Diploma programmes not only in the U.K but all across the globe. LISD has more than 11 international Learning Centres in Europe, Asia and Africa, inculcating quality British certifications to the young generation in several flexible learning modes. Through ATHE, LISD is connected with the most prestigious British Universities as their strategic partners. Our primary goal at the London Institute of Skills Development is to impart knowledge with no boundaries and discrimination. We know that different people learn in different ways, hence we facilitate our students with everything they need to succeed right from the outset.

LISD provides an opportunity for academics, practitioners, consultants, scholars, researchers and policy makers with different backgrounds and experience to present their papers in the conference and exchange and share their experiences, innovative ideas, research results, as well as discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.


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For more information about the conference, please visit https://londoninstitutesd.co.uk/research-conferences/ 

or contact the editorial office of PEF at fay.wong@piscomed.net


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News: 'Electrogeochemistry' captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification


Limiting global warming to 2 degrees Celsius will require not only reducing emissions of carbon dioxide, but also active removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This conclusion from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has prompted heightened interest in "negative emissions technologies."

A new study published June 25 in Nature Climate Change evaluates the potential for recently described methods that capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through an "electrogeochemical" process that also generates hydrogen gas for use as fuel and creates by-products that can help counteract ocean acidification.

First author Greg Rau, a researcher in the Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz and visiting scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, said this technology significantly expands the options for negative emissions energy production.

Posted: 2018-09-12

News: Novel hybrid catalyst to split water discovered


Researchers from the University of Houston and the California Institute of Technology have reported an inexpensive hybrid catalyst capable of splitting water to produce hydrogen, suitable for large-scale commercialization.

Most systems to split water into its components -- hydrogen and oxygen -- require two catalysts, one to spur a reaction to separate the hydrogen and a second to produce oxygen. The new catalyst, made of iron and dinickel phosphides on commercially available nickel foam, performs both functions.

Researchers said it has the potential to dramatically lower the amount of energy required to produce hydrogen from water while generating a high current density, a measure of hydrogen production. Lower energy requirements means the hydrogen could be produced at a lower cost.

Posted: 2018-09-12

News: Energy Fuels Announces Q1-2018 Results

DENVERMay 3, 2018 /CNW/ - Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE MKT:UUUU; TSX:EFR) ("Energy Fuels" or the "Company"), today reported its financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2018. The Company's quarterly report on Form 10-Q has been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"), and may be viewed on the Electronic Document Gathering and Retrieval System ("EDGAR") at www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml, on the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval ("SEDAR") at www.sedar.com, and on the Company's website at www.energyfuels.com. Unless noted otherwise, all dollar amounts are in U.S. dollars.  
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