Constructing the Localization of Marxism in Teaching

Chufang Hu


The production of any kind of theory has its special and specific environment. Therefore, although truth can be universally applicable, it also needs to be associated with specific time, specific events, and specific environments in the process of combining it with practice, so that the truth can fully spread its wisdom, guide real life, and guide human society to develop scientifically and orderly. Based on the premise of fully understanding Marxism, this paper explores the localization of constructing Marxism in teaching based on the state of China. It proposes that it is necessary to fully integrate China's actual national conditions and realize the localization of Marxism in teaching from Chinese modernization, popularization, etc. in the new era, so as to fully integrate Marxism in China's new era of socialist construction, so that the Chinese people can get a sense of happiness in the localization of Marxism beliefs.


Localization; Marxism Belief; Sinicization; Modernization; Popularization

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i3.863


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