Study on the Contradiction Between Supply and Demand of the Aged Education Under the Background of Aging

Fang Jin, Zhongying Hu


China has entered the new normal of the elderly society, and the aging population has a great impact on China's economic and social development. How to solve the dilemma of "one ticket is hard to get" in the elderly education and innovate and develop the elderly education is an important part of the modernization of education, which is related to the overall situation of building a well-off society at a high level. Taking Wenzhou as an example, this paper constructs a senior education mode of "general school + basic level + network", promotes the vigorous development of local senior education, and refines the school running experience of "separation of management and management, integration of resources, and professional guidance", which is the proper path for the innovative development of senior education, and has certain reference significance for the development of senior education in all parts of China.


Aging; The Aged Education; Contradiction Between Supply and Demand

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i3.825


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