Research on the Influence of Big Data on Higher Education Based on Feasibility

Xueyan Li


With the rapid development, human society has entered the era of big data, which has a huge impact on higher education. With the rapid development of information technology in China, higher education has increased the variety and quantity, which speeds up the interaction between information and data. Based on massive information data, big data promotes the development of the world, which has changed the traditional higher education. With the combination of big data and higher education, universities can better promote the governance transformation of higher education. Based on the feasibility of big data, this paper analyzes the impact of big data on higher education. Through big data, colleges can carry out diversified education, which will change the main ideological mode and governance mode of traditional higher education. By strengthening big data literacy, China's higher education can strengthen the construction of data culture, which will build a scientific management model.


Feasibility; Big Data; Higher Education; Impact

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i3.824


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