The logic of cooperative governance and the direction of modernization of local lifelong education

hui Wang


[ Summary ] The construction of lifelong education system and the modernization of its governance is a complex social system engineering , Need to come from the government-led multiple , Universal support for multi-level broad social forces . so , Cooperative Governance thinking and mode import , to promote the unified logic of multi-body synergistic governance Is the basis and necessity of realizing the modernization of local lifelong education management ; with Universal " equalization " " City and Countryside _ in-country " " Information " Rule of law , "" , etc. as Modernization The constituent elements of the target , from Space , Time, System three dimensions into the local collaborative governance action framework is to lead collaborative governance Community Follow government-led ,multiparty participation , Policy Support , Practice-driven , The logical logic for following up the system , is a systematic implementation of local lifelong education ,all-in-one To , rule of law , target navigation and policy guidance for modernization .


lifelong education ; coordinated governance ; logic ; modern

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v2i1.439


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