The connotation of civic education from the perspective of lifelong education

Zhimei Zhang Zhimei Zhang


Summary The thrust of lifelong education is to person concerns , and to people ' Learning Rights concerns , It is committed to shaping the overall development of the people , and Citizens Education also based on people-oriented , focus on personality and virtue ; not only so , The citizen's subjective consciousness and subjective initiative are the foundation of the Learning Society . on the basis of , and a citizen who is responsible for the spirit and strong sense of belonging to the community is conducive to the formation of lifelong education committed to the development of an equal partnership , Visible Civic education is an important part of lifelong education , The civic education provides the main body support for the lifelong education idea .. from a lifelong educational perspective review Civic education , can position civic education as the cultivation of civic virtue and the shaping of personality , This includes emotional education , , moral education ,Aesthetic Education and Attribution Education , To enhance the empathy of the citizen , moral and social identity . in the course of education , advocate for inspiration , Explore and edify the main teachings Parenting methods , to Guide and shape citizens with critical and introspective abilities , to ensure improved intellectual refinement . Civic education throughout the whole of the citizens life history , can be passed through the home , School, Community , Network implementation and promotion of multiple paths .


Civic Education ; Lifelong Education ; affective Education ; Moral Education ; Introspection

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v1i1.433


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