Reflections on the Education of rural women in the context of lifelong education

Chiju Hong


Summary : Women's education in the village of clothing faces the information society , Knowledge economy age , The grim challenge of new urbanization . in the context of lifelong education , Subject Awareness Awakening helps women in the garment village form the right outlook for development , actively study , The women's education in the village of clothing must focus on awakening the main consciousness of women in the garment village . Learn learning is the basic idea of lifelong education , Village Women's education should be set up to learn to learn evaluation as the core standard , A review of educational effects on the basis of certificate evaluation price mechanism . guarantee the steady progress of women's education in the garment village , must build all-round , Three-dimensional education system .the root of women's education in the clothing village in the context of lifelong education "" this purpose , is to serve the overall improvement of women's quality in the garment village .


Clothing Village women's education ; Lifelong Education ; Principal Awareness ; Learn to learn ; Purpose

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v6i1.429


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