Mooc and Spoc: An analysis of lifelong education in the era

Guo Zi


Summary The idea of lifelong education has revolutionized the old idea of educational finality, advocating sustainable development of education, is the strategic goal of social development. domestic outside Research shows, The importance of lifelong education and lifelong learning has been taught practice in developed countries, However the difference in nature is not in our country get attention and clarity. On Mooc and Spoc times background, lifelong education shows new features, Lifelong Learning has technical support. in China development of lifelong education, Establish an education longitudinal line, play the talent advantage of universities , Makes up Lifelong Learning assistant talent pool, Building a pluralistic lifelong education system to speed up the ecological process of education, achieving educational fairness.


Lifelong Education ; Lifelong Learning ; Mooc ; Spoc

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v4i1.425


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