Enlightenment from the legislation of lifelong education abroad---- Is based on beauty , Day , Analysis of Korean legal texts

Yumin Wu Yumin Wu


Summary : compared to the status quo of the legalization of lifelong education in developed countries , Our country is still in the post-state . Even if there are individual local regulations , also Limitations of legal effects . so , lack of substantive measures in our lifelong education . Research and carding experience of foreign lifelong education legislation , to our country Home Level lifelong education legislation is important . United States Lifelong Learning Law did not deliberately construct a large and complete lifelong education system , instead of Lifelong Education The push of the is placed in a certain close category , to avoid regulationsEmpty Disadvantages of the , But the move undermines lifelong education in the national educational status in the system . Japan Lifelong Learning Promotion Lawis placed at the level of industry revitalization , But the state and government provide public education opportunities for the people, etc. about the essence of lifelong education , is still not getting what it should be .. Korea Lifetime Education Act is currently the world's most complete statute , However, the importance of the main body status of the people in lifelong education is not enough. The main problem to be solved in the legislation of lifelong education in China is :protecting lifelong learning for citizens rights , insisting on government-led , establishing lifelong education system , Architecture Lifelong education " overpass ",Construction Credits Bank , Setting lifelong education institutions and professionals Vocational education Administrators , to include lifelong education funding in the national education budget .


Lifelong Education ; Legislative Experience ; US ; Japan ; Korea ; Legislative recommendations

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