A probe into the ways of peasants ' education reform in the perspective of lifelong education

shan Gao


Summary : Lifelong education is a complete set of educational theoretical systems , runs through all stages of education . in the process of pushing Shimin education reform , also need base in lifelong education view , Overview of Educational development . current , Our People's education is in good shape , The pace of education reform is also steadily advancing . research from ' Lifelong education " vs " Shimin Education The relationship of departs from , Explore the path of Shimin education reform in the perspective of lifelong education . through an in-depth analysis of the topic , solution to the problems existing in Shimin education reform , and propose targeted solutions , includes making education reform plans in a timely manner , Change Shimin education Concept , Perfect Three aspects of the regulatory system .


Lifelong Education ; Shimin Education ; Reform ; Path

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v6i1.211


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