Higher Vocational English Teaching Reform and Practical Exploration under the Background of MOOC

Wei Xiong


“MOO” not only brings about reforms in educational methods, but also brings about an impact on educational concepts. Under the background of MOOC, more and more English teachers in higher vocational colleges are beginning to get out of the mindset, open up online and offline education paths, and redesign the English teaching process. This article mainly focuses on the two aspects of “the advantages of MOOC for English teaching in higher vocational education” and “the reform strategy of higher vocational English teaching under the background of MOOC”. It is hoped that “MOOC” will be the starting point to scientifically plan the English reform of higher vocational The plan promotes the return of higher vocational English reform from theory to practice and makes substantial progress.


Vocational English; MOOC teaching; advantage analysis; reform strategy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i8.1990


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