Potato chip external application prevention and treatment Observation on the effect of swelling and induration after vaccination

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MeshTo investigate the effect of potato slices on the prevention and treatment of redness and induration after vaccination.

Smokefetch400Children's preventive effect view of vaccinationThe object, randomly divided into control group and Prevention group200Cases, the control group was not treated with anyPre -After inoculation, fresh potato slices were inoculated.After vaccinationredness and swellingHardThe affected species of the knot120Example for therapeutic efficacy Observation Object, withmachine divided into two groups, governingtherapy1Group60Routine hot and humid compress, treatmentTherapy2Group60Give fresh potatoes For exampleTopical treatment.[knotFruit] prevent therapeutic observation, prevent group redness and swelling rate as0.5%RightAccording to the group2.0%, the therapeutic effect of the observation of the,treatment Therapy2Group after treatment1d、3d、7DThe cure rate of redness was61.7%、85.0%And93.3%,MingSignificantly higher than treatment1Group(18.3%、51.7%And80.0%),The difference is statistically significant.(PThe0.05).[KnotOn]OutsidePotato chips(HorseBell Potato)Effectively reduces the incidence of induration in the injection site,At the same time, the formation of swelling and induration has a high cure rate.


thenseed Vaccines;DirtBean Patch External;Pre -Anti -;RedSwelling

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