Human Resources Management and Services

  • Human Resources Management and Services (HRMS) is an international open access journal on theoretical and practical research in the field of human resource management. HRMS adopts a double-blind peer review model and publishes high-quality articles. It is committed to disseminating unique and insightful insights and promoting the development, innovation and understanding of human resource management. Potential readers of HRMS include scholars, practice managers, and policy makers in the field.


  • Materials Physics and Chemistry

  • Materials Physics and Chemistry (MPC) is an international journal which is devoted to the publication of cutting-edge articles on interrelationships among structure, properties, processing and performance of materials physics, materials chemistry and physical chemistry.

    MPC is proud to be an interdisciplinary society journal well known on advanced materials. Interdisciplinary research areas are also welcomed if they provide significant new innovation and/or insight into materials physics and chemistry such as polymer, composites, low-density materials, etc.

           ISSN: 2661-4294(O)

  • Information and Computer Security

  • Information and Computer Security is an international Open Access journal that publishes original research articles and review articles related to all areas of information and computer security. This journal covers education, policies, standards, simulations and control of internet security.

  • Frontiers of Mechatronical Engineering

  • Frontiers of Mechatronical Engineering (FME) is an Open Access Journal, providing a unique international and interdisciplinary forum for new research on the performance of all relevant areas of mechatronical engineering. Among the leaders in its field, the journal is dedicated to the publication of high-quality papers on the fundamental properties of engineering. 


  • Global Finance Review

  • Global Finance Review is an international Open Access journal that publishes articles in the field of finance.

    The topics related to Global Finance Review are included but not limited to international finance, corporate finance, insurance, policies, macroeconomics, modelling, trading, market risk, statistical financial, microstructure analysis, and asset pricing.

  • Current Electronics and Telecommunications

  • The main objective of Current Electronics and Telecommunications is to gather research articles, reviews, and perspectives which include new ideas to the design and configuration, computational analysis, modeling and measurement techniques of antennas for contemporary wireless communication devices. Potential researchers are invited to submit papers that cover the challenges and recent developments in the field of wide and multiband printed planar antennas for universal wireless communications.


  • Business Administration and Management

  • Business Administration and Management  (BAM) is an international Open Access journal encompassing various disciplines related to all  administration and management of business areas. BAM builds a platform for managers, operators and enterprises from around the world to discuss the current status of business administration and management. The scope of journal includes but not limited to:

    1. Marketing

    2. Human resources

    3. Organization

    4. Education

    5. Business economics

    6. Finance management

    7. Accounting banking

           ISSN: 2661-4014(O)

  • Architecture and Design Review

  • Architecture and Design Review is an international Open Access journal that publishes articles related to all areas of architecture and design. The scope of this journal includes architectural technologies, sustainable architecture, building design, architectural design, facilities design, architectural theory and practices, education, interior design, urban design and urban planning.
           ISSN: 2661-4294(O)

  • Journal of Networking and Telecommunications

  • ournal of Networking and Telecommunications is an international journal which covers all topics of interest to those involved in the computer communications networking area. 

           ISSN: 2661-4065(O)

  • Composite Materials Research

  • Composite Materials Research mainly publishes scientific research papers that are innovative, high-level, and significant in the international basic research and applied research of composite materials. Published scope: Preparation, performance, and application of composite materials such as fibers, particles, or whiskers to reinforce polymer-based, metal-based, and ceramic-based structures, functions, biology, environmental protection, construction, etc., to promote academic exchanges in the field of composite materials at home and abroad. And the promotion and application of advanced composite materials.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2667

  • Progress in Energy & Fuels

  • Progress in Energy & Fuels  is an academic journal tracks new energy hotspots and reflect the latest research results, mainly covering international new and renewable energy sources, including solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, natural gas hydrates and other fields. Science and technology and renewable energy, integration of complementary and related supporting technologies, the latest progress and research results.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2640

    ISSN(O): 2315-4640

  • Preventive Medicine Research

  • Preventive Medicine Research focuses on prevention, depending on advances in science and technology, adhering to the combination of popularization and improvement, paying attention to the achievements of public health development, tracking the forefront of academic development of preventive medicine, and serving professionals in the field of preventive medicine. The journal mainly disseminates new theories, new technologies, new methods and new achievements in preventive medicine research. It covers epidemiology, parasitology, environmental health, labor and occupational health, nutrition and food hygiene, child and adolescent health, radiation health, maternal and child health, community health, health toxicology, health inspection technology, health education and experiences in research and prevention of disciplines such as health promotion and public health management; literature review and topical discussion with practical reference value; contributions from marginal disciplines, soft sciences, and basic theoretical studies related to preventive medicine.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2632

  • Remote Sensing

  • Remote Sensing combines the key points and needs of the international remote sensing industry in different periods and publishes the latest international scientific research achievements and the results of key research projects. It hopes to play an important role in the development of international remote sensing science and technology and personnel training, and will become an influential academic journal in the fields of remote sensing and geographic information science.


  • Financial Forum

  • Financial Forum focuses on the field of applied theory research in commercial banking, and has columns such as situation analysis, theoretical exploration, reform exploration, development strategy, financial court, operations management, business innovation, financial market, international finance, and financial transfer. The readers are teachers and students of financial theory and policy researchers, economic workers, and economic institutions.

    Financial Forum research areas include but not limited to:

    Situation analysis, theoretical exploration, reform exploration, development strategy, financial court, operations management, business innovation, financial market, business innovation, international finance, financial transfer.

           ISSN: 2251-2659(P)

  • General Surgery

  • General Surgery (GS) is a peer reviewed, Gold open access journal that focuses on publishing the latest developments in surgery and surgical techniques. The journal aims to disseminate valuable information on the various adaptations of commonly performed surgeries around the world. Manuscripts submitted to GS will be subjected to a rigorous editorial checking and a fair peer review upon reception. The whole process will be completed within a month. Accepted manuscripts will be available online immediately, and will soon be officially published by the PiscoMed Publishing.  

    Clinical Studies
    ISSN: 2529-7732

  • Learning & Education

  • Learning & Education focuses on the research of quality education, the reform and development of education. It aims to strengthen the exchange and learning of educators, and provides a platform for the general educators to show the achievements of teaching and research. Bringing together the important achievements of the theoretical research of international education, focusing on theoretical research. Attaching importance to the combination of theory and practice, and timely reflecting the new trends of international education reform.

    Some relevant topics are included: Basic education theory, education policy and system, education research methodology, education and economy, teacher and teacher education, moral research, teaching and curriculum, education history research, comparative education, etc.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2802

  • Lifelong Education


    Lifelong Education is committed to promoting lifelong education for all people, meeting the diversity of learning needs of the general public, building a service-oriented learning society, and promoting people's all-round development. Lifelong Education magazine tracks the frontiers of international theory and focuses on international academic discussions.

    The main columns of Lifelong Education  are set:

    • Education first: disseminate new knowledge, new ideas, new practices, and write a new chapter in education.
    • Learning society: building a learning city, learning organization, learning community, learning family...
    • Character column: Show everyone's style, explore the lifelong learning model.
    • Thematic Focus: Focus on social, moral, rule of law, environmental protection, popular science, health, arts and other education.
    • Exchange of results: Summarize and communicate lifelong education outcomes and practices.
    • Global Perspective: Publication of research results of important scholars in the field of international lifelong education.
    • Education for the elderly: Focus on older groups, cultivate learning awareness, and create a healthy life.
    • Feelings of life: Inspirational knowledge, experience happy learning.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2683


  • Contemporary Special Education Research

  • The Contemporary Special Education Research promotes various achievements in international special education policies, laws, regulations, and special education fields, exchanges special educational scientific research achievements and academic ideas, promotes the industrialization of special educational scientific research achievements, and creates equality” for international special education undertakings. Participate in social services. This periodical is a serial publication that focuses on research results and development trends of special education fields and special education disciplines, popularizes special education knowledge, and reports on work trends in special education fields.

    ISSN(P): 2251-2675
    ISSN(O): 2315-4624

  • Reports in Clinical Studies and Medicine

  • The journal, Reports in Clinical Studies and Medicine, is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that offers practicing healthcare professionals in-depth useful reviews and research clinical trials regarding the recent interventional medical and therapeutic approaches. The journal aims to publish original researches and reviews from the globe but especially focuses on clinical trials that are conducted in developing countries. We know that medical practice is developing in a very fast way and most researchers wish to get a rapid decision about their work, so the review process for all submitted articles will be completed within 5 weeks.

    ISSN(Online): 2661-4006