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Preventive Medicine Research

Preventive Medicine Research focuses on prevention, depends on advances in science and technology, adheres to the combination of popularization and improvement, pays attention to the achievements of public health development, tracks the forefront of academic development of preventive medicine, and serves professionals in the field of preventive medicine. The magazine mainly disseminates new theories, new technologies, new methods and new achievements in preventive medicine research. Covers epidemiology, epidemiology, parasitology, environmental health, labor and occupational health, nutrition and food hygiene, child and adolescent health, radiation health, maternal and child health, community health, health toxicology, health inspection technology, health education and Experiences in research and prevention of disciplines such as health promotion and public health management; literature review and topical discussion with practical reference value; contributions from marginal disciplines, soft sciences, and basic theoretical studies related to preventive medicine.

The main columns include articles, review, disease control, health supervision, maternity and child health, health education, health management, experimental technology, etc. 

ISSN(P): 2251-2632

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Progress in Energy & Fuels

Progress in Energy & Fuels is an academic journal tracks new energy hotspots and reflect the latest research results, mainly covering international new and renewable energy sources, including solar energy, biomass energy, wind energy, ocean energy, geothermal energy, natural gas hydrates and other fields. Science and technology and renewable energy, integration of complementary and related supporting technologies, the latest progress and research results.

ISSN(P): 2251-2640
ISSN(O): 2315-4640

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