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Learning & Education

Learning & Education focuses on the research of quality education, the reform and development of education. It aims to strengthen the exchange and learning of educators, and provides a platform for the general educators to show the achievements of teaching and research. Bringing together the important achievements of the theoretical research of international education, focusing on theoretical research. Attaching importance to the combination of theory and practice, and timely reflecting the new trends of international education reform.

Some relevant topics are included: Basic education theory, education policy and system, education research methodology, education and economy, teacher and teacher education, moral research, teaching and curriculum, education history research, comparative education, etc.

ISSN(P): 2251-2802

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Lifelong Education

Lifelong Education is committed to promoting lifelong education for all people, meeting the diversity of learning needs of the general public, building a service-oriented learning society, and promoting people's all-round development. Lifelong Education magazine tracks the frontiers of international theory and focuses on international academic discussions.

The main columns of Lifelong Education are set:

  • Education first: disseminate new knowledge, new ideas, new practices, and write a new chapter in education.
  • Learning society: building a learning city, learning organization, learning community, learning family...
  • Character column: Show everyone's style, explore the lifelong learning model.
  • Thematic Focus: Focus on social, moral, rule of law, environmental protection, popular science, health, arts and other education.
  • Exchange of results: Summarize and communicate lifelong education outcomes and practices.
  • Global Perspective: Publication of research results of important scholars in the field of international lifelong education.
  • Education for the elderly: Focus on older groups, cultivate learning awareness, and create a healthy life.
  • Feelings of life: Inspirational knowledge, experience happy learning.

ISSN(P): 2251-2683

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