Synthesis and Structural-chemical Studied of Adduct of Coordination Supramolecular Porous Polymer Hexaaquatribenzene-1,2,4,5- Teacarbonato-tetrairon(iii) with Dipyridyl

B. T. Usubaliyev, D. B. Taghiyev, M. K. Munshiyeva, G. M. Aliyeva, F. B. Aliyeva, A. K. Rzayeva, M. M. Hasanova, P. S. Safarova, G. Z. Mammadova


An α, α′-dipyridyl adduct of a complex compound hexaaquatribenzene-1,2,4,5-tetracarbonatotetra iron (III) with porous structure was synthesized for the first time. According to the results of elemental, X-ray, IR-spectroscopic and differential-thermal analyses the individuality, chemical formula, thermal destruction, and form of coordination of acid-ic anion and dipyridyl were established. During interaction of a complex compound with dipyridyl, it completely loses all crystallization molecule of water resulting in a compound with a chemical formula of Fe4(C6H2(COO)4)3(dpy)2 (dipyridyl). Using the identification of diffraction pattern the parameters of lattice cell of the complex compound were determined.


Compound; Adduct; Thermal Destruction; Chemical Formula; Crystal Structure

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/mpc.v1i3.583


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