Vocational Colleges and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises Carry out “Horizontal Joint Innovation, Vertical Integration and Educating People” Cooperation under the Concept of “Innovation, Green and Sharing”

Yang Zhao, Jiayang Zhang, Hang Shu


As a part of higher vocational graduates work for small, medium and micro enterprises, vocational colleges should regard serving small, medium and micro enterprises as one of the goal orientation of talent training, and establish a platform of mutual trust and cooperation with them, which can not only meet the employment needs of enterprises, but also enable the high-skilled compound talents trained by the school to achieve employment smoothly, thereby achieving the goal of education and teaching and achieving a win-win situation between the school and the enterprise. This article focuses on analyzing the benefit-driven mechanism that promotes the cooperation between vocational colleges and small, medium and micro enterprises, and proposes a cooperation mode of “horizontal joint innovation and vertical integration and educating people” to promote the benign development of vocational colleges and small, medium and micro enterprises’ production-study-research cooperation, strengthens the connotation construction of vocational colleges, provides a reference basis for small and medium enterprises to enhance their overall competitiveness, and achieves a good situation of mutual promotion and common development of education and industry.


Vocational Colleges and Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises; “Innovation, Green and Sharing”; “Horizontal joint innovation, vertical integration education”

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.974


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