Study on the Innovation of the Educational Mechanism of Accurate Poverty Alleviation for Poverty Students

Li Tang


With the continuous promotion of accurate poverty alleviation policies, the state helps poor students solve educational problems through self-help forms such as student loans and grants. However, in the process of implementing poverty alleviation and education, schools attach importance to economic assistance, but ignore the educational role of educating people. In the context of national precision poverty alleviation, the author conducted in-depth research on the significance, dilemma and measures of school-based precision poverty alleviation and education.


Accurate Poverty Alleviation; Education Mechanism; Innovative Research

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Included Database


[1] Wu C. A preliminary study on the accurate funding model for poor college students under the big data environment. Heilongjiang Higher Education Research; 2016; (12): 14.

[2] Fan Y. Research on the mechanism of innovative student funding under big data conditions. Science Teaching Journal 2016; (12): 2.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.970


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