The Role Orientation of College Counselors in Group Crisis Events

Yao Lu


The stability of colleges and universities is closely related to the stability of the country and society. Counselors play an extremely important role in the daily management of colleges and universities. Colleges and universities are an important part of society. Multiple social conflicts will affect and project on colleges and universities, which at the same time leads to the difficulty of student management, especially in the face of group crisis events. The school needs to respond quickly, and counselors promptly and effectively intervene to minimize the damage caused by the crisis event, which is of great significance for maintaining the stability of college campuses. In the crisis of college students, college counselors should strengthen their role positioning, maximize their functions and realize their value, so as to effectively reduce the incidence of college crisis events and create a healthier and safer campus environment for college students.


Colleges and Universities; Counselors; Group Crisis Events; Role Positioning

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.966


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