Study on the Integration of Beidahuang Spirit into the Second Classroom Construction from the Perspective of Socialist Core Values

Ying Li


The socialist core values are rich in connotation and complete in system, which can provide continuous spiritual power and moral nourishment for the construction and development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The integration of socialist core values into the process of national education and spiritual civilization construction is a major strategic task in the ideological and cultural construction of our country, affects the development direction of our socialist modernization cause. As an important manifestation of the socialist core value system, it is feasible and necessary to integrate the spirit of Beidahuang into the second classroom activities in colleges and universities. The following is the role and channel of Beidahuang spirit in the cultivation of talents in colleges and universities based on the perspective of socialist core values, to explore the realization path of socialist core values into the next day's classroom, in order to promote the growth of college students.


Socialist Core Values; The Spirit Of Beidahuang; The Second Classroom; Integration Channels

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.961


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