The Discussion on the Teaching Methods of Practical Training Courses for Intelligent Buildings in Higher Vocational Colleges

Chunling Li


With the in-depth reform of our country's economic system, the demand for professional talents is increasing in economic development. As a main position for cultivating skilled and application-oriented talents, higher vocational colleges are self-evident in the importance. As a major feature of higher vocational colleges, practical training courses play an irreplaceable role in improving the quality and level of talents. This paper takes the intelligent buildings in higher vocational colleges as an example to discuss the teaching of practical courses.
With the rapid development of modern intelligent buildings and smart homes in our country, the demand for intelligent talents has increased dramatically. In the early 21st century, China approved the establishment of the " intelligent building engineering technology" major in higher vocational colleges. This major integrates computer communication technology, construction technology and automatic control technology. This major is very applicable and practical, but many higher vocational colleges were weak in practical training. Next, I will discuss some reflections on the teaching of training courses for intelligent buildings in higher vocational colleges.


Intelligent Buildings In Higher Vocational Colleges; Practical Training Courses; Teaching Methods; Discussion

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.950


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