Research of the Design Positioning and Key Elements of Tourist Souvenir Packaging

Chengliang Wu


The world is so big that many people want to see it. For those who love to travel, they always like to bring some characteristic souvenirs to keep as souvenirs or gifts for relatives and friends, travel souvenirs seem to have become a connotation of tourism culture. Compared with general merchandise, tourist souvenirs have their special charm and value, usually with strong regional color and the significance of local humanities. In the face of China's growing tourism industry, the packaging design of tourist souvenirs has also become the object of research by many experts and scholars. Starting from the packaging design of tourist souvenirs, this article discusses the positioning and connotation elements of tourist souvenirs, hoping to bring more inspiration and thinkings to product designers and help them design more creative tourist souvenir packaging, attract more people to understand the culture and stories behind the commodities, and further activate the Chinese tourism economic industry chain.


Tourism Economic Industry Chain; Tourist Souvenirs; Packaging Design; Positioning Elements; Deep Research

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.946


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