Research on the Strategy of Deepening the Integration of Industry and Education and Promoting the Training of Application-Oriented Talents in Universities in Jilin

Xijun Ou


Since China joint the WTO, the economy has taken off, and national capital has accumulated rapidly. It has now become the second-largest economy. In the past two or three decades, with the rapid development of China’s socialist economy and the upgrading of the industrial structure, the academic college students’ talents need a longer transition time to adapt to the current upgraded economy. Along with the integration of industry and education, colleges and enterprises pay more and more attention to the cultivation and application of application-oriented talents and compound skills talents. Compared with traditional college student talents, the employment rate of application-oriented talents is relatively high. One of the school’s goals is the employment rate of students. Therefore, the talents need to explore the integration of industry and education to cater for the social and economic development of the new era. The cultivation of application-oriented talents have been valued by colleges and universities, and gradually promoted to various majors and colleges. This article mainly discusses the research on deepening the integration of industry and education in universities in Jilin Province.


Colleges; Industry and Education Integration; Application-oriented Talent; Strategy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.943


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