The Analysis on the Way of Integrating the Ideological and Political Education into the Teaching Mode of Higher Mathematics Courses

Jianxiang Li


Under the background of quality education, it not only emphasizes training more professional and technical talents, improving their knowledge and practical skills, but also paying attention to the moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor aspects to improve the overall quality of college students. Therefore, the integration of ideological and political courses into relevant courses of teaching practice is an issue that is being actively explored and practiced in colleges and universities at present. In terms of the integration of the ideological and political education and higher mathematics courses, it is also of great significance. This paper mainly introduces the positive function of the integration of the ideological and political education into higher mathematics courses and explores the effective countermeasures of the integration of the ideological and political education into higher mathematics teaching.


Ideological And Political Teaching; Higher Mathematics; Curriculum Integration; The Ideological And Political Education Courses

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.935


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