The Analysis on the Investigation of the Current Situation of College Students' Physique Health and the Countermeasures of Functional Exercise

Chengwei Tan


Healthy physique is the foundation of the college students to study well and live well. With the rapid development of economic construction in our country, people's living standards continue to improve, but the physique of the modern college students does not become better and better. On the contrary, the health survey of some universities shows that modern college students' physique in physiological function, athletic ability, physical quality and other aspects tends to be weaker. Contemporary college students are an important force in the economic construction of our country. The physical health of college students deserves wide attention and high emphasis. Starting from the analysis on university students' physical health situation, this paper puts forward the corresponding improvement strategies in view of the college students' physical health problems, hopes to actually improve the ability of physical exercise of college students, enables students to study well, at the same time, also to have a strong physique to lay a healthy foundation for pursuing a long-term ideal life.


College Physical Education; Students' Physique; The Investigation On The Current Situation; Functional Exercise

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.930


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