Research on improving English application ability of higher vocational students by board role-playing games

Xuan Yang


Since 1980s, higher vocational education has always been influenced by general higher education mode in teaching. The English teaching mode of higher vocational education also follows English teaching mode of ordinary higher education. According to students' actual situation of higher vocational colleges, English teaching mode suitable for students in higher vocational colleges has not been summarized. As a whole, vocational English teaching still adopts traditional "cramming education" teaching mode. Most English teachers use PPT to give a lecture, while students listen lectures passively, with little classroom interaction between teachers and students. It cannot carry out the teaching model that students act as main body and teachers act as the supplement. There are many students in higher vocational English class, and these students have different English levels. Most higher vocational students have weak English foundation and have not a correct learning method. Many students have less vocabulary accumulation, and their pronunciation is not standard, so they dare not communicate with others in English. Thus, higher vocational English teaching must change traditional teaching mode, change teachers' role in class, improve students' enthusiasm for learning English, and meet educational reforms that focus on cultivation of innovative spirit and practical ability.


Board role-playing games; higher vocational English; application ability

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v8i1.757


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