The future prospect of lifelong education system

Langzhou He


Summary : Building a lifelong education system is an important strategy for China's medium and longterm education reform and development plan . lifetimeConstruction of education system one Direct policyattention , But the important steps to build the system have not yet been seen in detail . Even so , lifetime The ideaof education is gaining ground. , in our country constructs the lifelong education system to have its massfoundation and the time significance . This article is based on the basic consensus of the Lifetime education system in the world , to what kind of lifelong education system should China make outlook , Building legally guaranteed , Integrated , All people are serviced by the , Learner-centred lifelong education Department , trying to make a lifelong education system an image ,Suggestions for the development of lifelong education system in China .


Lifelong education system ; lifelong education ; Lifelong Learning ; Learning Society

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