Stadium Construction Project of Anyang City Cultural and Sports Center PPP Mode Analysis and Risk Management Evaluation

Fenghe Zheng


This study is mainly applied to the early decision-making stage of PPP project cooperation in Anyang Sports Center, with the ultimate goal of making a reasonable benefit distribution scheme, and to provide a reference basis for the decision-making of the government which dominates the benefit distribution, since the annual benefits and expenses measured by the cost-benefit analysis method are finally converted to present value and reflected by the total income of each party’s interests, this article does not distinguish the specific operation mode from the overall concept of PPP project cooperation. Therefore, I hope that through the research of this paper, we can provide theoretical reference for the benefit distribution and risk identification of Anyang Sports Center, stadium has played a role in the construction and operation of large scale projects in China and underdeveloped regions.


Cultural and Sports Center; PPP; Mode Analysis; Evaluation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v10i2.2643


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