The Analysis of the Maritime Cultural Differences between China and Greece from the Images of Merpeople: Take Contrast of The Classic of Mountains and Rivers and Odyssey

Yongqi Yu


Oceanic literature is a window for human beings to understand their own world through the ocean, reflecting the maritime culture of their society. As a virtual image, the “merpeople” is common in works of the oceanic literature. Although both China and the West have the literary image of human body and fish tail, due to the differences of national culture and geographical factors, the Chinese and Western merpeople have gradually developed into two different independent images. Their personality, appearance and cultural significance are quite distinct. In this research report, I will try to make a comparative analysis of the Di people in The Classic of Mountains and Rivers and the sirens in Odysseyand explore the maritime cultural differences behind them.


Comparative Literature; Oceanic Literature; Literary ImageComparative Literature; Oceanic Literature; Literary Image

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v10i2.2638


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