A Feasibility Study on the Development of Happy Basketball in the Physical Education Curriculum of Primary and Middle Schools in China under the Background of “Healthy China”

Zhaofeng Ma


With the continuous development of quality education, the society pays more and more attention to the development of students’ physical health. Therefore, the physical education curriculum in primary and secondary schools should match the age characteristics of the students. Relatively speaking, my country’s primary and secondary physical education curriculum is single and boring. Carrying out Happy Basketball can not only increase the interest of physical education classes and develop students’ intelligence, but also improve students’ independence, coordination ability, quality of will, team awareness, etc. Based on this, this article uses literature methods, expert interviews and other research methods, Taking the basketball curriculum of primary and secondary schools in China as a breakthrough, explore the feasibility of developing happy basketball in primary and secondary schools, and provide suggestions and suggestions for students to establish lifelong sports.


Happy Basketball; Primary and Secondary Schools; Physical Education Curriculum; Feasibility

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v10i2.2634


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