Curriculum Construction and Reform for "Mechanics of Materials" Based on the Training of Outstanding Engineers

Xuejin Yang, Shaoyun Song, Liangbo Sun, Deping Zhang, Xiang Liu, Shiyun Ding


The curriculum of mechanics of materials is a professional course for engineering students, which is closely related to engineering practice. Under the background of the current teaching reform, the traditional curriculum teaching mainly focuses on theoretical teaching and ignores engineering practice, which leads to the influence of students' engineering practice ability. Based on the relevant requirements of the excellent engineer program, the teaching reform of the curriculum of mechanics of materials should be accelerated, and the existing problems and deficiencies in the current curriculum construction and reform should be clarified, so as to take targeted measures to improve and promote the students' ability of problem analysis and practical engineering solution. This paper first introduces the background of the outstanding engineer training plan, analyzes the problems existing in the course construction of mechanics of materials, then explores the construction and reform countermeasures for mechanics of materials curriculum based on outstanding engineer training.


outstanding engineer; training; mechanics of materials, ; curriculum construction; reform

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i6.1350


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