Application of Block-chain Technology in the Development of Functional Agriculture

Yang Luo


with the continuous growth of national economic income and the gradual improvement of health consciousness, the public not only put forward higher requirements for the type, quality and safety of agricultural products, but also began to pay more attention to the health function of agricultural products. Therefore, on the basis of ensuring the supply of high quality and safe agricultural products, through the development of ecological high value agriculture, further planting and cultivating agricultural products with full health care function has become the development direction of agriculture in the future.However, due to the influence of soil conditions, climate environment, management reputation and other factors, the asymmetric information hidden behind the current functional agriculture in China directly affects the healthy development of functional agriculture. Applying block chain technology to the development of functional agriculture can not only innovate the new mode of agricultural economic development, but also effectively eliminate all kinds of obstacles to development under information asymmetry, thus accelerating the development of functional agriculture.


blockchain technology; functional agriculture; economic model; development exploration

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i6.1334


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