Constructing the Identity of Modern Baba Nyonya

Jiarong Liu


Baba Nyonya can be traced back to about 600 years ago when the very first batch of Chinese emigrated from China to Malacca, Singapore, Penang and Java of Indonesia.It was partially assimilated into the Malay culture, especially in food, dress and language used, while retaining some of the Chinese traditions and culture. Baba Nyonya represent special part of southeast Asian culture. This paper intent to reveal how the identity of modern Baba and Nyonya is constructed and evolved from time to time, the factors that lead to disappearance of the culture, and the future of the Baba Nyonya identity.Most importantly,how the community of Baba Nyonya and Malaysia society did to protect and carry on their identity and culture. To conclude, the identity of Modern Baba Nyonya is not disappearing but evolving into another stage with further mixture of other cultures. It has not been forgotten but has transformed into the new phrase of identity.


Constructing, Baba Nyonya, identity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i6.1280


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