Application Research of Flipped Classroom Teaching Model based on MOOC in the Course of Biochemistry Teaching

Xingli Zhang, Congping Tan, Ding Feng


Flipped classroom teaching model based on MOOC is the development trend of higher education and also the development direction of university education teaching reform in the future. Flipped classroom and MOOC breaks through the typical limitations of traditional classroom and truly embodies the educational concept of "student-centered". Biochemistry is a very important core course in biology, food science, pharmacy and other related to majors. The teaching content is complex and abstract, and the class time is relative less. Therefore, it is of great significance to use the flipped classroom teaching model in biochemistry teaching. Based on the practice of biochemistry teaching in recent years, this paper expounds the application of flipped classroom in biochemistry teaching.


MOOC;Ipped Classroom; Biochemistry

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/le.v9i4.1041


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