Evaluating on Topology Survivability Based on Largest Number of Node-Disjoint Paths

Qiurong Chen


On the point of view of Largest Number of Node-Disjoint Path (LNNDP for short) between a node pair in a network, this article states the importance of LNNDP to global survivability of topology at first, then proposes an algorithm to compute maximal number of node-disjoint paths between node pairs. A new topology survivability metric based on LNNDP is put forward to evaluate the global survivability of network topology. It can be used to evaluate the survivability of topology provided. This metric can express accurately global topology survivability.


Topology; Survivability; Metric; Node-Disjoint Path; Working Path; Alternate Path

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/jnt.v2i3.1107


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