Communication electronic single-chip digital clock

Lixue Zou, Yajie Liu, Lei Su


At the end of the 20th century, the rapid development of electronic technology in its promotion had effectively promoted the development of social productive forces and social information to improve the degree. People of modern life pay more attention to the concept of time as compared to before. It can be said that time and money to draw the equal sign. For those who are very strict and accurate to grasp the time or things, the time is not accurate will bring a lot of trouble so the digital tube for the display clock than the pointer clock showed a great advantage. Digital display time is simple and clear while the time accurate display to seconds. Whilst we mechanically dependent on the crystal oscillator, it may sometimes lead to errors. Digital clock is the use of digital circuits to achieve 'time', 'minutes', 'seconds' digital display of the time device. Digital clock accuracy, stability far more than the old mechanical clock. In this design, we use LED digital tube display, minutes, seconds and 24-hour chronograph according to the digital tube dynamic display principle to display with 12MHz crystal oscillator oscillation pulse, timer count. In this design, the circuit has the display time of its function and can achieve the adjustment of time. Digital clock is its small, low price, travel time, high precision, easy to use, more features, easy to integrate and the majority of consumer favorite to get a wide range of use.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/cet.v1i1.636


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